Why South Africa?

South Africa offers a combination of developed first world economic infrastructure and a growing emerging market. Its investment potential lies in its diversity of sectors and industries. It is also a major trading nation, exporting and importing more than US$167 billion worth of goods every year, from a location that makes it an ideal gateway into African and other global markets.

10 Reasons to Invest In South Africa

South Africa is the leading services destination, regional manufacturing hub and most industrialised country in Africa.

No.1 diversified economy in Africa

South Africa is abundantly endowed with precious metals, is the world’s leading producer of PGMs, the sixth-largest producer of gold, has world-renowned underground mining expertise, and more than 110 listed mining companies with operations in the country.

Abundant natural resources

The African Continental Free Trade Area will boost intra-Africa trade and create a market of more than one-billion people with a GDP of $2.6 trillion that will unlock industrial development. South Africa has several trade agreements that provide an export platform into global markets.

Favourable market access to global markets

South Africa is the multinationals’ location of choice. Global corporates enjoy benefi ts of doing business in the country, with its growing and supportive ecosystem as a hub for innovation, tech and fi ntech.

Largest presence of MNCs on the African continent

South Africa has a progressive Constitution and an independent judiciary. It has a mature, accessible legal system, providing certainty and respect for the law. Ranked no. 1 in Africa for the protection of investment and minority investors.

Progressive constitution and independent judiciary

South Africa has a sophisticated banking sector with a major footprint in Africa and is a financial hub in Africa, with the JSE being the largest stock exchange by market capitalisation.

Advanced financial service and banking sector

South Africa has a growing middle class, affluent consumer base and excellent returns on investment.

Hot emerging market

With government investment of more than R1 trillion and continued investment in infrastructure, South Africa has the largest air and port network that links into the African continent.

World-class infrastructure and logistics

South Africa has a number of world-class universities and technical colleges, producing a skilled, talented and capable workforce. It offers a diversifi ed skill set, emerging talent, large pool of trainable labour, and government support for training and skills development.

Young trainable workforce

Favourable cost of living, diversified culture, cuisine and sports destination all year round. Renowned hospitality sector.

Excellent quality of life


CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange – Nicky Newton-King

CEO & Joint President of Sasol Limited- Bongani Nqwababa

MD & CEO of Total South Africa- Pierre-Yves Sachet