Advanced materials


Advanced materials are difficult to define, but encompass newly discovered or invented materials that represent significant technological advances over traditional materials, such as composite advanced fibres. The development of advanced materials is associated with the generation of new knowledge and intellectual property.

Value proposition

Niches exist for investment in composites, as one example of advanced materials manufacture. Specific government support has been given for the manufacture of aerospace composite components, for instance.


The outstanding example of opportunities is local aircraft and automotive components manufacturer AAT Composites, which is increasing its reach into the aerospace components industry by producing specialist parts that are lighter and less costly than conventional metal or plastic parts.

Through a joint project with aircraft manufacturer Pilatus, AAT will be included as a Tier-1 supplier into the Pilatus global supply chain and the manufactured parts will be exported worldwide through Pilatus Switzerland and other Pilatus Group subsidiaries. AAT’s increasingly advanced composite design capability will also open up access to Airbus, Boeing and other leading aircraft OEM supply chains.